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Only enter time in the Clockify system for LEASH volunteering done outside of the Lake County Animal Shelter. For instance, Clockify would be used for time spent in Fostering (4 hours per day for every day you have a foster animal in your home), Chip Clinics, Pet Adoption Days outside of the shelter, LEASH meetings and administrative work, Fundraising, Cat Trapping, Public Education and Training, etc. For Fostering, you may add all the time together for a month and post the hours on the last day of the month. For instance, 30 days of fostering in a certain month would calculate to 120 hours which should be entered into Clockify on the last day of the month.


Initial Set-Up

After receiving the email invitation from the Clockify system, click on the link and create a password.
This will take you to the Clockify system for the leashinclakecounty workspace.
When you first go into the site, click on your user name just under the Clockify logo on the left
Click on Profile Settings
Change your user id (which is the first part of your email address) to your name. This will make reports looks better.
Click Save at the bottom of the screen

Entering Time

Click on Time Sheet on the left of the screen
Click on +Task@Project
You will see Leash, Inc as a Project. Click on the Task down arrow which is to the right of the Leash, Inc project name
You will see a drop down list of volunteer activities. Click on the appropriate one and fill in the number of hours for the appropriate day. You will need to enter the time in the format ##:## (for example 1:00 means 1 hour, 2:30 would mean 2 hours 30 minutes)
You can go to a calendar for picking days by clicking on the down arrow under the This Week tab on the upper right of screen

You can go forward and back week by week by clicking on the left or right arrows that are located beside the This Week tab

To Logout

Click on your User Name
Click on Profile Settings
Click on the option to logout


Initial Set-Up

After receiving the invitation via email and setting up your password, go the the App Store on your phone.
Search for Clockify
Download Clockify Time Tracker
Open the Time Tracker application from your phone

At the login screen, login with your email address and the password you assigned when you first set up your account.

Entering Time

Click on the Clockify icon from your phone applications screen
Login with the user ID and password you assigned during account set-up
Click on the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner
Click on Timesheet
The current week will display and under Project:task you will also see LEASH, Inc and

+ Project Task. Click on +Project Task.

LEASH, Inc will display along with 15 Tasks and a down arrow. Click on the down arrow.
A list of tasks will display. You can use you finger to scroll and see the entire list. Click on the appropriate task for the hours you want to report in the format ##:## for hours and minutes.
You can use the right and left arrows at the week towards the top of the screen to find the appropriate time period. When you get to the right date click on the 0:00:00 that displays, use the backup key (left arrow with x) and delete the 0’s that are showing. Then type in the correct number of hours in the format hours:minutes or for example 1:00 means 1 hour.

Press Done

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